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We are now open for dinner Friday and Saturday from 5pm.
From June to August we are
open daily.

If you don´t stay with us you need to prebook your table.
We serve a two course menu consisting of appetizer and main course. For those wishing dessert, can be ordered on site. See the current menu above.

Sund Nergården has an age limit of 16 years.

+46 (0)156- 70 00 70

We first and foremost serve food made with Swedish ingredients, preferably from the local farms, and our menu follows our seasons.

Our wine list consists mostly of small-scale family-owned producers who works according to an organic and biodynamic thinking.

We have between 60-70 different wines on our list and most of theme are served by the glas. 

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Johan Ahlvik is the head chef of Sund Nergården.
He has 25 years of experience as a cook in the field.
More about "Taste By Johan Ahlvik" >>>

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